Check out this Walking Dead season 3 deleted scene featuring Lori as a zombie

On August 27th, Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes AMC’s original series “The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season" on Blu-Ray and DVD, arriving packed with tons of bonus features, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, never-before-seen featurettes, audio commentaries from cast and crew, deleted scenes and other cool surprises, including one that we have a sneak peek of below!

EW scored a look at one of the release’s deleted scenes, which features Sarah Wayne Callies' Lori as a zombie. Here's EW's description:

“Remember back in episode 10 (“Home”) when Rick had himself a tender moment with a vision of his former wife in a white dress out on a bridge past the prison yard? Well, a new deleted scene shows how the scene was originally shot — and it seems that tender moment actually turned quite terrifying. After making out for a bit — because who doesn’t love making out with hallucinations from time to time — Rick pulls back to see that his beautiful wife is now a significantly less kissable zombie version of his beautiful wife. That’s right, Sarah Wayne Callies got zombified!“

Since EW is pretty stingy with their videos, there is no embed below, but you can click on the pic to be taken to EW's site to check out the scene.

You can pre-order "The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season" on DVD HERE or pick it up on Blu-Ray HERE. And remember...season 4 of "The Walking Dead" is shambling its way to us this October on AMC.

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