Child's Play 3 actor Jeremy Sylvers facing jail time

Child's Play 3 Jeremy Sylvers

Well, this is unfortunate.

Fans of the CHILD'S PLAY franchise will likely remember actor Jeremy Sylvers, who played young Tyler in CHILD'S PLAY 3 - the kid that doll-possessing serial killer Charles Lee Ray, a.k.a. Chucky, figures he can pass his soul into in that film. Sylvers hasn't had much of an acting career beyond his encounter with Chucky, only making an uncredited appearance on Saved by the Bell and landing a role as "Boy #3" on an episode of My Wife and Kids, so we haven't heard much about him in the last twenty-seven years, and what we're hearing now isn't good at all.

TMZ reported earlier this month that Sylvers had been arrested, booked on a felony charge of grand theft auto. According to the site, 

Sylvers got into an argument with his mom at his L.A. home Friday because she wouldn't drive him somewhere in her car. We're told he got physical, knocked her down and took her keys ... then drove off in her 2002 Honda CRV.

Sylvers' mom called the cops, and we're told they returned to his home Saturday to follow up and he was there ... so they arrested him.

Sylvers has since been charged, not for grand theft auto but for six misdemeanors, including 

assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm (a phone), attempting to prevent someone from reporting a crime, and driving and taking a vehicle without consent of the owner.

If convicted on all counts, Sylvers could end up serving three and a half years in jail.

It's a shame things have gone this way for Sylvers - Tyler was a pretty irritating character, but I definitely wouldn't have wished this on him. This isn't the kind of "where are they now?" update you want to hear about an actor from one of our favorite franchises.

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