Child's Play remake apparently still in the cards... as is a spinoff? WTF?

Ah, a CHILD'S PLAY remake rumor... it's been a while. Actually, it has almost been a year to the day since word of the long-awaited (?) remake last spread, and while that was debunked not long after, it's about that time of year when talk of re-doing this thing pops up again.

The latest development, if it can be called that, is a strange little tale that comes from Moviehole.net. I'll just let them tell it:

There are reportedly two “Child’s Play” projects in the works: a remake and a spin-off of sorts involving Chucky’s immediate family, “Revenge of Chucky.”

Dourif confirmed that he’s involved in both projects but has not seen a script for the “Child’s Play” remake yet.

Series creator Don Mancini is still planning on directed the remake, off a script he penned. It's going to be darker, scarier, yada yada, you know how it goes...

This "news" was generated from "The Mad Monster Party," a horror convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. If we're being honest, it seems like we're no closer to another big-screen Chucky appearance than we were a year ago - or a year before that. However, Mancini, Dourif and co. are going to beat that drum until something concrete happens, you can be sure of that.

Extra Tidbit: Would you prefer to see a CHILD'S PLAY remake, another sequel, a "spin-off", or none of the above?
Source: Moviehole



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