Chiller Films & Blanc/Biehn Productions bringing us 3 original horror flicks!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that around these parts we're huge fans of Michael Biehn. The man just oozes badass. So with that being said you can bet we're stoked to hear Blanc/Biehn Productions just inked a three-picture deal with Aspect Films' genre arm Chiller Films!

Now we don't have a whole lot of info for the three flicks Blanc/Biehn Productions will be bringing us but I'm going to give you every detail we have thus far. What we do know is that the three titles in this deal are THE FARM, UP AND DOWN and THE PREDICATOR. Apparently all will star the great Michael Biehn and all will be "grindhouse flicks." Peep the description from the press release:

Each of the three grindhouse movies will star Michael Biehn and will be shot in sequence in a 45 day period, with three different directors to be announced. Executive producing along with Blanc/Biehn Productions will be a director that Michael Biehn has worked with before and has great relationship with.

Aspect Films' CEO Hugh Edwards added the following: “It’s a joy to be collaborating with Michael and Jennifer and their Blanc/Biehn Productions shingle. We’re looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with them. They have lined up some fantastic writing, directorial and acting talent. The three films are action-packed and very humorous; true to the essence of the best in recent grindhouse movies, from the likes of Quentin Tarentino and Rodriguez”.

Sounds good to me! Now we've actually got our hands on some artwork and some cast info for THE FARM. You can check out the artwork below with the flick set to star Michael Biehn, Michael Ecklund, Danielle Harris and Jennifer Blanc (both below). While that's the only goods we have on these projects we did get a look at some of the taglines Blanc/Biehn Productions are playing around with. Check it:

The Farm
Reap What You Sow
This Isn't Old McDonald's Farm…
Undead On The Range
It’s Time For Harvest

Up & Down
Over Capacity
You’ll Wish You Took The Stairs
20 Stories. Fewer Chances.
20 Stories Up. One Way Down.

He Speaks For God. Now He Must Answer For Him.
Prey for God
He’s Going Old Testament
A Battle of Faiths

So there you have it folks! Three jam-packed horror flicks heading our way from Blanc/Biehn Productions! Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has confirmed that an executive producer/director on these projects will be announced by the Cannes Film Festival so expect more updates on this shite soon.

Extra Tidbit: So which of the three flicks above do you think has the most potential based on the taglines?



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