Chiller TV's Ghoul adaptation finally scores a premiere date!

We haven't had an update on Chiller TV's GHOUL since way back in May. That's eight months ago people... I don't know where you come from but around these parts that's a long ass time! Luckily for us today's long-awaited update on the flick has it scoring a premiere date!

Fresh out of it's performance at the Slamdance Film Festival GHOUL finally has itself a premiere date. It seems this shite will be dropping at Chiller TV on April 13th! Alright so we've still got a ways to go but at least we've got something to aim for now!

No one believes Timmy when he tells them he and his friends discovered a ghoul eating the dead in a local cemetery; but when the ghoul starts attacking the living as well as the dead, Timmy realizes it's up to him and his friends to stop it.

Produced by the duo of Andrew van den Houten and Robert Tonin, GHOUL is coming at us from director Gregory Wilson and stars Catherine Mary Stewart, Nolan Gould and Barry Corbin. Mark it on your calenders folks - April 13th!

Extra Tidbit: Nolan Gould is best known for starring in "Modern Family" alongside Sofía Vergara (above).
Source: Chiller TV



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