Chopping Mall being re-released into theaters?!

This is rather unexpected news, to say the least. Jim Wynorski's 1986 schlock classic CHOPPING MALL (aka KILLBOTS) is being re-released into theaters with a brand new digitally remastered print!

According to a press release, Jim Wynorski and producer Bill Dever decided that with the transition to digital delivery now employed by ninety percent of movies theaters it was time to re-introduce CHOPPING MALL to North American Theaters. “ I was always amazed that every recent showing of Chopping Mall always turned into an event” says Jim Wynorski “ People really love the movie and for me the guy who directed the film, that’s just great”.

With the kind support of Roger and Julie Corman, Wynorski and Dever obtained the original film elements and under the careful eye of Jim Wynorski brought the film back to its original glory. “ This is a dream come true, to play a small part in the restoration of a piece of classic American cinema is just amazing” tells Bill Dever “ Not only is Chopping Mall pure movie fun, its also in many ways an important film”.

The film is currently sorting out exactly which theaters it will arrive in (let's hope there's a demand for CHOPPING MALL sweeping the country), so we'll keep you posted.

Extra Tidbit: Would you be down for a CHOPPING MALL re-release?



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