Chris Evans negotiating to be in Bong Joon-Ho's Snow Piercer

Back in November we brought along the great news that SNOW PIERCER, the collaboration between Korean filmmakers Bong Joon-Ho (THE HOST) and Park Chan-Wook (OLDBOY) had officially entered the pre-production phase. The futuristic thriller is set to be a multi-national co-production with a budget in the $35 million range, and it's certainly a flick to keep an eye on. That point is further driven home with this first big piece of casting news...

According to Variety, Chris Evans - Captain America himself - is negotiating to join SNOW PIERCER. Nothing is official yet, it would appear, nor has it been revealed what role Evans would be tackling. We shall wait and see, but that's a pretty significant above-the-title name for Bong's English-language debut.

The synopsis: Earth is completely frozen over as a new ice age hits…The world is covered in snow and ice. The only living people, the last survivors, are onboard a leviathan train speeding along the rail tracks endlessly. But they are fighting each other...

For survival, for dominance, they are locked into a gruesome fight to the death along a linear path inside the train. From the tail end carriage reminiscent of Auschwitz, to the gold class carriages at the front, full of decadent pleasures, our protagonists must penetrate deep into the dark secrets that shroud the train…

If he climbs aboard, Evans will join frequent Bong collaborator Song Kang-Ho (THE HOST, MEMORIES OF MURDER), who is already a part of the cast. We'll keep you posted when more news comes in.

Extra Tidbit: Evans will be seen this May in THE AVENGERS alongside Scarlett Johansson (pictured above), the lucky dog.
Source: Variety



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