Chris Jericho joins Kevin Smith's horror anthology KillRoy Was Here

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Filming continues on the horror anthology KILLROY WAS HERE, which director Kevin Smith has been working on with students from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida since June of last year, taking sporadic trips to Florida to shoot the segments. Social media updates indicate that one of the scenes shot during this trip to Florida is a Vietnam flashback, while another features professional wrestler / musician / horror fan Chris Jericho as a character called The Gator Chaser.

Written by Smith and his Edumacation podcast co-host Andy McElfresh, KILLROY WAS HERE is said to be in the vein of CREEPSHOW. When first announced in 2014, the anthology was going to be a Krampus movie, but then Michael Dougherty's KRAMPUS came along so Krampus was replaced by KillRoy, a militaristic swamp monster inspired by the popular "Kilroy was here" graffiti art. 

This KillRoy was a soldier working special ops deep in the jungle during the Vietnam War, but then 

SMITH: Dude just got lost, and the next time they find him he's just sitting there, eating babies.

McELFRESH: And he becomes transformed. Before he loses all of his humanity, they try to rehabilitate him, and instead that drives him out into the wilderness, where he's transformed into this monster.

SMITH: And he's all melted in the face, that's what creates the nose, the long nose effect.

In the cast with Jericho are Harley Quinn Smith, Azita Ghanizada, Ryan O'Nan, and Justin Kucsulain as Killroy.

We'll keep you updated on KILLROY WAS HERE as Smith shares more information. Hopefully one of the next updates will be that filming has been completed, because I'm anxious to see this movie.

Smith is primarily known for working in comedy, but he has previously made the genre features RED STATE, TUSK (pictured above), and YOGA HOSERS, and contributed a segment to the anthology HOLIDAYS.


Presenting The Gator Chaser - a nasty-ass South Florida streamer played by @chrisjerichofozzy! I’ve been shooting a horror anthology called #KillroyWasHere with the kids of @ringlingcollege, @digitalcaviar and #semkhorproductions for about a year now. Over the course of three trips to #sarasota, we’ve been making a modern-day #creepshow kinda flick with 70% of the crew being students so filled with raw talent, their pure passion for film and ability to find fixes to production problems makes up for any deficit of experience. Every crew member wears multiple hats on a low budget film - so last night when Jericho got to set, I asked the master podcaster and #wwe icon to not only act but also operate the camera for himself in his scene as well! When presented with this info, did the Fozzy frontman show trepidation? No way: homey goes with the flow and not only CRUSHES his character and dialogue but shoots a damn spooky scene as well! That’s the kind of actor or actress you need on an indie film: a partner who’ll not only carry their end of the bargain but also help elevate the entire production as well! And even when this pic was taken at 4 in the morning, Chris was all energetic - and mind you, he just got back from Europe the night before. I’ve been wanting to work with the man since we guested on each other’s podcasts and I was delighted to discover an actor I’ll cast forever now! Because film IS Jericho! #KevinSmith #chrisjericho #talkisjericho #fozzy #florida #indiefilm #ringlingcollege #digitalcaviar

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