Christian Slater and Vinnie Jones fight evil in Way of the Wicked trailer

Christian Slater as a priest? Vinnie Jones as a small town cop? Sure, why not? That's the deal in WAY OF THE WICKED, which Image Entertainment is releasing on Blu-ray and DVD on May 20th. The trailer and official artwork for the supernatural thriller have been conjured up, and you can see both below.

Official synopsis:

After a series of inexplicable murders sweeps a small, isolated community, Father Henry (Slater) goes to a local police detective (Jones) with a theory on why the murders are occurring. The two learn that a troubled teen with a dark past has recently moved to town and has set his sights on the cop’s beautiful, young daughter. Father Henry, who turns out to have secrets of his own, finds himself pitted against a demonic force more diabolically evil and twisted than any of them could have imagined.

The Kevin Carraway-directed film also stars Emily Tennant and Jake Croker; pre-order your copy right HERE.



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