Christian Slater, Wes Bentley & Stephen Dorff ham it up in Rites of Passage poster

From one Christian Slater joint to another...damn I miss Clarence Worley.

That's right y'all, we move from the red-band PLAYBACK trailer to the new poster for RITES OF PASSAGE...the Slater, Stephen Dorff and Wes Bentley B-movie we wrote about way back in 2010. That's some time to wait for a dusty new one-sheet...but the sucker has hit the trail below!

I can't tell which amuses most: Slater's straw fedora, long hair and wafting Cuban cigar...Bentley's sill face tattoo and Clark Kent specs...or the constipated look on Dorff's mug? The holy f*ckin' trinity right there!

Also featuring Kate Maberly, Briana Evigan (below), Ryan Donowho, Ashley Hinshaw, Carly Schroeder and Travis Van Winkle:

RITES OF PASSAGE centers on an anthropology bookworm who laments his place in a society that lacks a ceremony to mark his transition into manhood and leads his hard-partying, stressed-out classmates to his family's abandoned ranch -- where his brother lives in a psychotic world of drugs, guilt and Chumash Indian rituals. Slater will portray the brother and Bentley will play his meth-head sidekick.

Extra Tidbit: Wanna have some fun and caption the poster...through any of the characters? Go for it!
Source: Kino Gallery



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