Chronicle director Josh Trank will tackle the Shadow of the Colossus

Since guiding the $13-million found footage/superhero movie CHRONICLE to worldwide success, Josh Trank has been a very hot item indeed. The director's name has been attached to such high-profile properties as THE FANTASTIC FOUR (a reboot) and VENOM (spin-off) and now he's involved with a major adaptation of a video game. He's covering all the necessary bases; next it will have to be an adaptation of an old TV show...

Deadline.com is reporting that Trank has signed on to direct SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS, which will be based on the Sony video game of the same name.

Here's the official synopsis for the game; presumably the film's plot will be similar: Crushed by the death of your one true love, you devise a plan to restore her to life. Unfortunately, the road to your happiness is long and fraught with danger. To reunite with her in this life, you must fight and defeat the only creatures in the land with enough power to bring her back from the dead. The giant Colossi are enormous creatures bound to the earth with a mystical power of revival. To bring her back, you must defeat these majestic marvels.

Sony Pictures is producing the film; Kevin Misher will oversee for the studio. The studio is currently looking at writers to adapt the material for the big screen.

CHRONICLE star Ashley Hinshaw

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with the SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS video game? If so, what are your thoughts on a live-action film adaptation?
Source: Deadline.com



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