Chuck Pfarrer and Charles Gibson will guide you to the Crash Site

HITMAN: AGENT 47 director Aleksander Bach isn't the only one working on a sci-fi movie that absolutely nothing is known about. Joining Bach's REVOC in the news this week is CRASH SITE, a spec script by screenwriter/novelist Chuck Pfarrer that was purchased by Alcon as a package deal with visual effects supervisor Charles Gibson attached to direct the film.

Nothing has been revealed about CRASH SITE other than its title and the genre it fits into, but one would assume that it might deal with the aftermath of a UFO crash landing.

Beyond that, all we have to go on here are Pfarrer and Gibson's filmographies. 

Gibson took home Academy Awards for his VFX work on BABE and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST (PIRATES movies THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL and AT WORLD'S END also earned him nominations). CRASH SITE will be his feature directorial debut, but he has been building up to it for a while, occasionally working as a second unit director since THE GREEN MILE in 1999. His second unit credits include THE RING, TERMINATOR SALVATION, and PRIEST.

A former Navy SEAL, Pfarrer appropriately got his screenwriting start with the 1990 classic NAVY SEALS. He has since followed that up with DARKMAN (above), HARD TARGET, BARB WIRE (below), THE JACKAL, VIRUS (thumbnail), and RED PLANET. Quite a list. 

The writer's history with DARKMAN is enough for CRASH SITE to earn my attention. Hopefully we'll be learning more about this project soon, but worst case scenario: if it doesn't turn out well, we can refer to it as "Crash Shite".

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in seeing what Pfarrer and Gibson do with CRASH SITE?
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