"Chuck" star Vik Sahay officially boards William Brent Bell's werewolf flick Wer

Anyone who read the WER article Eric wrote at the end of March won't be surprised by this announcement, but it seems "Chuck" star Vik Sahay (seen right) has officially boarded William Brent Bell's new werewolf picture.

From an official press release:

Sahay joins A.J. Cook (Criminal Minds), Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside) and Brian J. O’Connor (Epic Movie) to round up the lead cast in William Brent Bell’s werewolf flick WER. The story takes place in Paris and deals with the gruesome slaying of an American family. Sahay plays Eric Sarin, a lead member of the investigating team and long time partner of defense attorney Kate Moore (Cook.) Despite doubts about the main murder suspect Talan Gwynek (O’Connor), Eric supports Kate in building a defense case and is resolute on keeping Gwynek alive for evolutionary research.

Sounds solid, as it purports to be a police procedural that happens to veer into a werewolf yarn...not the other way around. If the first part is treated like a straight up drama, a horrific 180 would probably be that much more effective. This is William Brent Bell we're talking about, so who the hell knows...

More on WER when we scare it...

A.J. Cook!

Extra Tidbit: After THE DEVIL INSIDE, how receptive to Bell's follow up are you?
Source: FilmDistrict



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