Chucky and The Purge will invade Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

If you're lucky enough to attend Universal Sutdios' Halloween Horror Nights this fall, you'll get to meet Chucky and those ominous creeps from THE PURGE there! That's right, HHH is setting up CURSE OF CHUCKY and PURGE themed "scare zones" at this year's frightening attraction.

The announcement was made last night via HHH's Twitter page. It was a drawn out announcement, but today it was summed up succinctly: "For all of you who missed it, we announced two new scarezones late last night. THE PURGE and CURSE OF CHUCKY."

THE PURGE is getting lots of theme park love; a week ago we told you that the film come to life at L.A.'s Variety Arts theater as part ofthe  Blumhouse of Horrors in September.

As for the Chucky scare zone... it shall be interesting to see how that works. Are they going to have a bunch of toddles dressed as the Chuckster running around grabbing peoples legs? Guess that would be pretty scary...

Extra Tidbit: Do you think these will make for good "scare zones"?
Source: Twitter



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