Chucky TV series will go back to the tone of first two films

Child's Play 2

CHILD'S PLAY franchise screenwriter Don Mancini has said that he was purposely setting up a Chucky television series with the ending of the most recent film, CULT OF CHUCKY (which Mancini also directed)... and you could imagine a series spinning out of that might be extremely over-the-top. With Chucky now able to put his spirit into multiple objects, you could have him building an army while Nica (Fiona Dourif) - now also possessed by Chucky - and Chucky's gal pal Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly cackle over the carnage and Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) desperately tries to stop them. Things could get pretty insane. But that's not the direction Mancini and fellow executive producers David Kirschner and Nick Antosca are going with the series, which is now in development at Syfy.

Speaking with /Film, Antosca confirmed that Chucky (yes, that is the show's working title) will be more grounded than that. 

The series is going to be closer to the tone of the first two movies in the series ... It's going to go back to a sort of classic scare."

The show will also be going back to the idea at the center of those first two movies: the idea of Chucky targeting children. I'm not sure why he would care about chasing kids around after CULT, but maybe that's just how he gets his kicks.

While the series will be telling a new story with new characters, it does still take place after the events of all seven of the films.

It's consistent with that mythology, but it’s a whole new story. So you could come into it without knowing anything about the previous stuff and get into it. But it is consistent with all the mythology that has come before, so it is in canon."

Brad Dourif will be providing the voice of the killer doll. Other actors from the films won't be the leads, but the door is open for them to appear on the show.

They might pop in eventually, but it’s new characters. I don't want to say anything definitive. I want to leave that to Don, but let's just say that there might be opportunities in the story for Jennifer or Fiona to make an appearance."

We'll keep you updated on Chucky as it continues to develop.

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