CineTel Films to return to the rape-revenge well with I Spit On Your Grave 3

The 2010 Steven R. Monroe-helmed I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE was one of those rare remakes that actually honored and improved upon the original and I was excited for last years admittedly disappointing sequel, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2. While the sequel wasn't as well received by fans nor critics, it hasn't stopped CineTel Films from forging ahead with a third entry in the series whether we want it or not.

Bloody Disgusting shared the news that CineTel Films is moving ahead with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 3, pre-selling the film at the Cannes market. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Steven R Monroe will be back this time around, as reportedly no writer or director is attached.

The third film is said to focus on...

...a serial killer that uses a crisis hotline to target rapists. One of the counselor’s has a dark past, which sends Detectives sniffing in her direction — but is she the killer they’re looking for?

That's a more unique approach than the previous two films so maybe this one will fare better than part 2. I guess I'm down for another entry in the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE series, but I'm not gonna hold it to any high expectations. I'm more excited for the documentary focusing on the original film that we told you about HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Do you even want another I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE film?
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