Cintia Domit Bittar developing found footage horror By Demon's Will

Brazilian short film writer/director Cintia Domit Bittar is planning to make her feature debut with a found footage horror film entitled BY DEMON'S WILL, a project that takes inspiration from the chilling 1990 documentary CHILD OF RAGE. That documentary featured a psychiatrist interviewing a traumatized six-year-old girl who had been displaying violent, inappropriate behavior and having very disturbing thoughts. Similarly, BY DEMON'S WILL will revolve around a psychologist's recorded clinic diary.

The synopsis: 

"By Demon’s Will" follows Lena, a student finishing her Master's dissertation about people who believe they are  possessed by demons. At a psychiatric clinic, she interviews patients with that profile and ends up meeting Rose, who confesses to have set fire to her family's house with her parents and brother inside, under the guidance of demons.

Investigating Rose's past, Lena will find a VHS tape containing images recorded at her brother’s birthday party, clues to what actually might have happened.

The filmmakers intend to approach the found footage aesthetic in a "pure" way, with no plan to add in sound effects, visual effects, or a musical soundtrack.

BY DEMON'S WILL will be produced by Novelo Filmes, who are currently seeking co-producers, post-production funding, and international sales and distributors for the project. The film is expected to be fully funded and in production sometime in 2016.

I'm not a fan of found footage movies in general, but I am intrigued by this one, mainly due to producer Ana Paula Mendes citing CHILD OF RAGE as an inspiration, and simply the fact that it's a Brazilian project, which captures my attention right away.

Images from Bittar's shorts O SEGREDO DA FAMILIA URSO and O TEMPO QUE LEVA

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Source: Variety



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