Circus performers will seek revenge in Robert Stromberg's Carnival


It's always a good thing when the description of a film project can bring to mind the 1932 Tod Browning classic FREAKS, and such is the case with the noir thriller CARNIVAL, a project that's set up with Anonymous Content, Voltage Pictures, Peck Entertainment, and Bread & Circuses Entertainment.

Scripted by Matias Caruso, CARNIVAL 

centers on a knife-throwing master in a traveling circus, who uses his deadly skills to avenge the brutal murder of his sister. In hunting down the assailant, he enlists the help of the uniquely talented circus performers.

When I hear of circus performers being involved in a story, my mind instantly jumps to the "freak show" acts, which is why I'm thinking FREAKS now. Note, however, that the synopsis doesn't specifically mention the freak show. The knife-thrower's cohorts could simply be a lion tamer and a trapeze artist, something like that, with no freaks or geeks in sight. But in my imagination, this is a full-on FREAKS tribute.

Robert Stromberg has signed on to direct CARNIVAL. Stromberg worked on films in the visual effects department for more than twenty-five years before making his feature directorial debut with the Disney film MALEFICENT. He also won Oscars for his art direction work on AVATAR and Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

CARNIVAL is now casting, with production expected to begin in late fall. The film is being produced by Bard Dorros, Craig Flores, Mitchell Peck, and Nicolas Chartier, with Kristin Overn overseeing the project.

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