Clancy Brown one of the latest to join Slash's horror flick Nothing to Fear

How are you guys feeling about Anthony Leonardi III's NOTHING TO FEAR? The biggest selling point for this one has been it's producer - Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash and his Slasher Films banner. But that's really all it has going for it... So I can understand if a lot of you are still on the fence about this one. But perhaps today's update will change that!

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog two more names have joined the project in Ethan Peck and the great Clancy Brown! Brown is set as the evil pastor while Peck will play a townsperson with a past. So we've got Clancy Brown playing a psychotic member of the cloth? That's something I can definitely get behind!

When opportunity knocks, a young down-on-their-luck family packs up their home and moves halfway across the country to re-root themselves into an idyllic little town filled with hopes of a better life. What awaits them however is a tale of betrayal and evil beyond any of their worst nightmares.

Anchored around the complicated, nuanced relationship of the two teenage sisters, NOTHING TO FEAR takes sibling rivalry to a chilling new dimension of bloodlust and fear. Each of the sisters play a dangerous and frightening part of an ancient ritual that unleashes a demonic fury that will change the family forever.

Brown and Peck (above) join the previously cast Anne Heche (below) and James Tupper in the feature, which is coming from a script by Jonathan W.C. Mills. Rob Eric and Michael Williams are producing NOTHING TO FEAR alongside Slash with Eric offering up the following in regards to today's casting news:

“He’s [Brown] in one of the movies we remember as kids that make us do what we do now. He’s evil to the point that he believes he is doing good.”

“It’s a very hard thing to go up against an actor who is so strong and embodies his role as Clancy does but Ethan is that man. Ethan will have really intense scenes with him.”

So there you have it folks! It seems like NOTHING TO FEAR is heading in the right direction, at least casting wise. Here's hoping it keeps it up!

Extra Tidbit: Guns ‘N Roses are going to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year.
Source: Heat Vision



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