Classic noir thriller The Red House, starring Edward G. Robinson, gets an HD upgrade this month!

Two friends explore an abandoned nexus of mystery and secrets in Delmer Daves' THE RED HOUSE – restored and in HD for the first time ever – available in a special DVD/Blu-ray combo pack April 24 from Film Chest on the HD Cinema Classics label.

THE RED HOUSE stars Edward G. Robinson (Double Indemnity, The Stranger), Lon McCallister (The Big Cat, Winged Victory), Judith Anderson (Rebecca, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) Rory Calhoun (The Texan, How to Marry a Millionaire), Allene Roberts (Knock on Any Door, The Hoodlum) and Julie London (Man of the West, TV’s Emergency!).

The synopsis: Disabled farmer Pete (Robinson) and his sister Ellen (Anderson) have raised young Meg (Roberts) from infancy on their reclusive homestead. Now a teen, Meg persuades her friend Nath (McCallister) to come by each day to help with her chores.

When Nath insists on using a backwoods shortcut home one day, Pete cautions him against doing so, speaking of ominous screams in the night and terrors that lie within a mysterious, abandoned red house on the outskirts of his property. Curious, Nath and Meg – who has growing feelings for Nath much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Tibby (London) – ignore Pete’s warning and explore.

Sounds pretty damn creepy, especially for a 1947 joint. I have personally never even heard of THE RED HOUSE,and I like to pride myself on having a decent knowledge of the noir semi-classics of the 40s, so this is really something to look forward to.

The DVD/Blu-ray combo pack hits the street on APRIL 24th. Pre-order this nasty nugget right HERE


Julie London

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