Clip from Blood Runs Cold has a run-in with the Ax Man

To celebrate its VOD release today, BLOOD RUNS COLD has unleashed a chilling clip that gives us an idea as to what we can expect going into this horrific cabin-in-the-woods slasher flick. The clip is NSFW and a reminder that just because the ax is sharp and pointy doesn't mean it's always going to work!

In the dead of winter, Winona, a successful musician looking to relax and find creative inspiration, returns to her hometown to stay in a cabin rented by her manager. When she arrives, she coincidentally runs into her old boyfriend and some friends. Continuing their reunion at the cabin, the houseguests quickly discover that they are not alone; something horrific lurks underneath the floorboards. BLOOD RUNS COLD is a frostbitten slasher that turns the snow red with gore.

The film was directed by Sonny Laguna and stars Hanna Oldenburg, Patrick Saxe, Andreas Rylander, Elin Hugoson, and Ralf Beck.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out BLOOD RUNS COLD today on VOD?
Source: AITH



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