Coleman and Woodbine join Holbrook and Hall In the Shadow of the Moon

Bokeem Woodbine Fargo

IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, the new thriller from COLD IN JULY director Jim Mickle, is shaping up quite nicely. Written by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock, the film is set to star Boyd Holbrook as 

a detective who becomes obsessed with a series of murders that seem beyond explanation.

Mickle's COLD IN JULY star Michael C. Hall recently signed on to play a fellow detective who is also Holbrook's character's brother-in-law, and now it has been announced that Cleopatra Coleman and Bokeem Woodbine have also joined the cast.

Best known for her role on the TV show The Last Man on Earth, Coleman also wrote and starred in the sci-fi film HOVER. Always a great addition to any cast, Woodbine is a veteran character actor who has racked up 95 credits over the last 25 years - that's him pictured above, in the Fargo TV series.

Produced by Mickle, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Rian Cahill, Ben Pugh, and Linda Moran, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON will be released through the Netflix streaming service sometime in 2019.

Fred Berger and Rory Aitken serve as executive producers.

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Source: Variety



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