Colin Firth will play Nicole Kidman's scheming hubby in Before I Go To Sleep

Colin Firth, that lovable Brit from the BRIDGET JONES movies and THE KING'S SPEECH, as a sinister husband trying to screw with his wife's head? That's right, kids. Firth has just joined BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, Rowan Joffe's adaptation of S.J. Watson's novel of the same name that already has Nicole Kidman and Mark Strong in its cast. Sounds like this thriller is shaping up very nicely.

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is about a north London woman who wakes up every morning remembering nothing. Her husband tells her she suffered a trauma, and that she dare not leave home. She sneaks off to a doctor who gives her a small digital recorder and urges her to play back her thoughts day after day in hopes of re-integrating her mind. She does. It works. And that's when she comes to realize that the man sleeping next to her…is not her husband.

According to Variety, Joffe is set to begin shooting at London's Twickenham Studios, and at various locations in and around London, at the end of February. Scott Free and Millennium Films are producing.

Extra Tidbit: Rowan Joffe was one of the writers of 28 WEEKS LATER.
Source: Variety



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