Colossal trailer featuring Anne Hathaway stomps in

I'm looking forward to COLOSSAL. It looks bonkers as hell and I'll watch Anne Hathaway in pretty much anything. Add Dan Stevens to the mix and I'm all but sold.

A few days ago we shared with you guys the very pink poster for the film, which, no worries, I have attached below, and today we bring you the first full trailer for the film.

I'd say I'm most surprised by how much CGI there seems to be in the flick. I expected much more of an idie rom-com from the teaser we got a few months back. I'm sure the epic fights and destruction bits are few and far between but who knows, maybe this will be much bigger and badass than I expected.

Check it out below:

COLOSSAL follows the tale of:

Gloria, an alcoholic who returns to her hometown after her big city life is washed away by a steady stream of boozy nights and hung-over days. Once there, she reconnects with old friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) but continues to struggle with her self-destructive tendencies, even more so when she discovers that said tendencies are resulting in actual destruction. Somehow, Gloria shares a mental link with a towering creature that’s currently rampaging through Seoul, and she can only control the beast by controlling herself.

COLOSSAL hits theaters April 7.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited about COLOSSAL?



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