Come Home to Terror in new poster for indie-slasher film Bloody Homecoming

Brian C. Weed's indie-slasher joint BLOODY HOMECOMING is a flick we've only touched on twice prior, the last time coming in February with the official trailer. Well folks, we're back...this time pointing you in the direction of the new one-sheet for the high-school horror show. Check that shite out underneath!

With Jim Tavare, Rae Latt, Lexi Giovagnoli, Grainne McDermott, Alex Dobrenko, Randi Lamey, Jesse Ferraro, Branden Roth, Taryn Cervarich, Elizabeth Bigger, Shaleen Cholera and Steve Earnest all involved:

It’s Homecoming night in the sleepy town of Winston as a gaggle of freshmen friends excitedly approach their first big dance at Winston High, only to be refused entry by a trio of jerky senior jocks. The group decides to throw their own party in the school theater, but when Annie’s egomaniacal date Billy threatens her, the ensuing fight results in a accident that leaves young Billy dead.

Three years later, the faculty of Winston High finally decides to bring Homecoming Night back for the school, and Annie and her former friends—now seniors—are all anxious about its return, hoping they can forget the past and start anew.

But someone out there intends to make sure they never forget.

As darkness falls on Homecoming Night, the senior friends find themselves visited by a deadly force from their past in the dark halls of their high school. In the tradition of “Prom Night”, “The House on Sorority Row” and “My Bloody Valentine”, “Bloody Homecoming” is a fun, old school throwback to the slasher classics of the 80’s that promises to deliver a bloody good time.

Keep it close as we hear of a BLOODY HOMECOMING release date.

Extra Tidbit: Getting a little MY BLOODY VALENTINE vibe from this poster?



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