COMIC CON INTERVIEW: Joe Cornish and John Boyega, Attack the Block

Once in awhile a movie comes along that truly excites moviegoers. Something that nobody could see coming, and when it does, it is pure cinema magic. Such is the case with Joe Cornish’s, ATTACK THE BLOCK. The story of an alien take over in a South London community has set the internet on fire. Executive produced by Edgar Wright, the film has been screening to audiences all over the country to much applause. And on July 29th, the film will open in limited release and will hopefully open up as the word of mouth spreads.

We had the chance to speak with the film’s director, Joe Cornish and one of the film’s stars, John Boyega. They were incredibly happy to talk to JoBlo.com and they thanked us for our support. Well, we thank them for making something truly special, a movie that deserves to find a massive audience upon its release. This is the summer movie many say we’ve been waiting for. After talking to both Joe and John, I have no doubt that it is worth all the hype.

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