COMIC CON INTERVIEW: The lovely Rose McGowan talks Conan!

Rose McGowan has been a personal favorite of mine since I caught a midnight showing of THE DOOM GENERATION on its initial release. McGowan is bold, beautiful and extremely original and she has taken charge of a number of roles including her work in SCREAM, JAWBREAKER and GRINDHOUSE. And of course, I must not forget her spellbinding work in the hit series “Charmed”.

It is always exciting to sit and chat with this lovely actress. She is extremely charming, full of energy and most importantly, she is very open and honest. She is also very excited about her latest feature film from Lionsgate, CONAN THE BARBARIAN opposite Jason Momoa. The actress gets to play a villain again, and it seems to be a part that she was thrilled to play. You can check out Rose when she gets down and dirty with the release of CONAN THE BARBARIAN on August 19th.

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