COMIC CON INTERVIEW: With FX legend Rick Baker!

Rick Baker may be the greatest theatrical make-up artist ever. His work in MEN IN BLACK, HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS and THE WOLFMAN has earned him acclaim including several awards. He is at the top of his field and he continues to create some of the most enchanting, frightening and downright glorious creatures cinema has ever known.

When we sat down to talk to Mr. Baker, we spoke about his latest feature MEN IN BLACK III and how much CGI he likes to work with. Rick is an amazing talent who continues to astonish and show a brand new generation how it is done. With MIB III, he plans to create something familiar to audiences when it comes to our views of aliens. Thanks to Rick Baker, Comic Con just seems damn impressive this year. Check out our very on 1:1 interview with this legendary film hero!

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