Comic-Con: New Silent Night banner shows Santa Claus with dark eyes & a bloody weapon!

Saint Nick with a sickle? Can't f*ck with that!

As you're aware, Comic-Con kicked off on the sunny shores of San Diego yesterday, and along with others, our man E.Walk is on the scene. You can expect him to usher a whole raft of cool shite between now and Sunday, and in the days to follow, but for now...we have a snapshot of a giant banner for the SILENT NIGHT remake. What do you think?!

Starring Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King (below), Donal Logue, Cortney Palm, Jamie Kennedy, Brendan Fehr, Lisa Marie and Ellen Wong:

It's a snowy Christmas Eve in Cryer, Wisconsin. The normally quiet town is bustling with activity as the residents are getting ready for the big day. The events take place around the town's annual Santa Parade, which has brought a record number of Santas to town. Deputy Sheriff Aubrey Bradimore is stuck reluctantly working the night shift, dealing with all of the drunken Santas, road closures, and stressed out locals — but things are about to take a deadly turn. A vicious serial killer, dressed as Santa Claus, has made his own “naughty list”, and anyone on it is in big trouble. As the body count rises, Aubrey races to discover the killer’s true identity – but in a town full of Santas, shady characters, and dark secrets, finding the real murderer will take more then a Christmas miracle.

SILENT NIGHT should open around Christmastime.

Extra Tidbit: Jaime King got gifts!
Source: AITH



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