Comic Con: Some of the coolest shite I saw at the Con!

Hey all, as you know the San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again (although our father site JoBlo.com is still pimping out content as we speak, check it) and it was swell to geek out, hang with some of the JoBlo.com and AITH crew, see some old pals and of course to take in all of the movie/comic book goodies that were on hand.

As per every year, there was all kinds of stuff to see at the Con! Maybe less than the last time I was there (two years ago) though. But possibly that's because I've been to Comic Con so many times in my pitiful life, that I somewhat take it for granted at this point. 

With that stabbed, that didn't stop me from wowing here, jaw dropping there and dropping some coin as to the movie/comic goods that were on hand. So allow me to share with yall some of my favorite Con sights! Scroll down baby! SCROLL DOWN!

You bet I checked into my fav current TV show!

There was a lot of love for the original Predator at the Con! As there should be!

Even my boy John Rambo showed up!

The Pacific Rim goodies made me want to see the film again!

The Walking Dead had a walk-in booth where you got to interact with Zombies!

I almost stole this suit and made my own Dredd sequel!

Godzilla was in the house and he looked great!

We were also able to visit the world of Insidious Chapter 2

Not that cool but hey, it's horror!

I found my buddy Eric Red pimping his new horror/western book Guns of Santa Sangre! Can't wait to read it!

Blade II vamp! Give us a kiss!

Finally got to be the Captain of something. Engage bitches!

To be honest, I didn't see Sly and Arnie (I was somewhere else at the time); but they were there, and I saw them in spirit. So they still make the list. That's how great these 2 f*cking men are! 

I'm a huge Superman fan, so seeing the costume from Donner's 1978 Superman The Movie (among other costumes from Man of Steel and Superman Returns) made me tingle inside!

And lastly my favorite section at the Con: the Dark Horse booth with the CONAN loving! Too bad I couldn't find my long coveted Conan Dark Horse t-shirt...sheesh, how hard can it be? I did find these bad boys though...

Found a reprint of my fav of piece of Conan art by Frank Frazetta. You bet I bought that shite and will laminate it!

The Statue version. Went for 5gs. To rich for my blood....sadly...

The only head I got at this Con! Hey-oh! ;)

Extra Tidbit: If you were at the Con, what was your fav shite to see?



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