Comic strip witch Broom-Hilda is getting her own movie/TV franchise

Broom-Hilda Russel Myers

BROOM-HILDA has been a fixture of the comic strip world since her debut in 1970. The character, a "man-crazy, cigar-smoking, beer-guzzling, 1,500-year-old witch" was created by Russell Myers, and now she's coming to the big screen.

The property was picked up by producers Gilbert Adler (who helped create HBO's Tales from the Crypt) and Jason A. Rosenberg with plans to develop a motion picture franchise and possibly a TV series spinoff. 

Says Rosenberg:

We plan to create a franchise and leverage the IP across film, television and digital media.

Adler followed with:

Our intention is to make it into a movie that might have a number 2 and number 3 behind it as well...

When you look at the comic strip, it looks like maybe it’s for a young audience, but we look at it differently. This is about a witch who has varying powers, but has a problem with weight. And if you look around, doesn’t everyone With this project everyone is concerned about their weight whether they are over or under and that can be very funny yet poignant.

So it seems like they're looking to create a slightly more naughty HOCUS POCUS, which I can fully get behind. More news as this project develops!

Extra Tidbit: Did you ever read Broom-Hilda comics?
Source: Deadline



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