"Community" star Gillian Jacobs signs on for Ken Marino horror/comedy Milo

Just last month I was sitting here telling you about a new horror/comedy heading our way called MILO. Now I was stoked for this shite because it means we'll finally be able to see what funnyman Ken Marino (above left) can do in a leading role! If you're familiar with Marino at all then I'm sure you're stoked as well.

But today I'm not here to talk about Marino. Oh no. Instead we're talking about his new hot co-star! You see according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog "Community" thesp Gillian Jacobs has just signed on to star alongside Marino in the dark comedy. The actress (below) will play Marino's wife in the film, who happens to be one of the stresses in his life. What a surprise. Peter Stormare has previously signed on to play Marino's shrink. Here's a rundown for MILO:

MILO follows Duncan (played by Marino), an incredibly stressed man who is plagued with vicious stomach troubles. We’re told that Duncan actually has a demon living inside his intestines, a demon who wreaks havoc internally until Duncan, during a therapy session, gives it permission to come out. Highsmith, Duncan’s shrink, explains that the demon is the personification of his anxiety. He’s advised to embrace his inner demon and thus names it Milo…

Judy Greer will also be starring in MILO, which comes at us courtesy of director Jacob Vaughan, who penned the script alongside Benjamin Hayes. MILO is set to start shooting in Los Angeles this month so expect more on this little gem soon!

Extra Tidbit: Ken Marino is actually a pretty established screenwriter as well, having written DIGGERS, THE TEN, ROLE MODELS and WANDERLUST.
Source: THR



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