Concept teaser & deets for UK horror joint 6Dana66Godina

Quite an honor, this here story...

Why? Well, longtime Italian horror actor Bobby Rhodes, who appeared in Lamberto Bava's DEMONS and DEMONS 2, among many others, hit us up personally to share the concept-teaser-trailer for his new UK horror joint 6DANA66GODINA, which is currently in pre-production. Not only that, Rhodes confirmed his co-stars as being Geretta Geretta, Joe Zaso and SKYFALL's Milorad Kapor...all of whom we're merely rumored on the flicks official IMDB page. In addition, Rhodes told us that Miroslaw Lakobrija, Special FX artist on A SERBIAN FILM, is onboard as well. Check it...

Co-written with Michael S. Rodriguez and directed by Alex Madia Levi - 6DANA66GODINA follows:

An LA businessman who goes to Serbia for an inheritance. He'll finally face the truth about his mother's tragic death and find himself fighting evil among Satanic rituals, evil forces and strange twists of fate.

Considering the title, teaser, the synopsis and people involved, it sounds like 6DANA66GODINA will be one weird, twisted ride. Hopefully we hear more soon.

Extra Tidbit: Bobby played Tony in DEMONS and Hank in DEMONS 2.
Source: AITH



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