Conjuring 2 might indeed be England bound, according to Patrick Wilson

Soon after THE CONJURING became a big hit, a sequel was unsurprisingly announced. While there are a variety of based-on-fact story possibilities, we heard the rumor that the writers Chad and Carey Hayes were looking toward one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's most famous cases, which was based in England and involved a pair of (reportedly) possessed sisters.

Now a little more credence has been lent to the rumor, by none other than CONJURING star Patrick Wilson. Out promoting INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, Wilson had the following to share:

Chad and Carey, the writers, they sort of let this cat out of the bag, so I'm just confirming their gossip, which is they were interested in a story in London, overseas, of some sisters that were possessed. I don't know, I haven't seen the script."

Obviously, this is far from a confirmation, but hearing it from both the writers and now the star gives the "Enfield" case a leg up.

For a refresher on the case: ...Warren said she personally saw the supposedly possessed sisters levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn’t have replicated it if they tried. She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career.

Extra Tidbit: Chad and Carey Hayes also wrote the HOUSE OF WAX remake.
Source: STYD



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