Conjuring house owners are being tortured by curious visitors

Apparently there's something even scarier than unruly spirits: movie fans!

In an article over at Woonsocket Call (via NBC), it is revealed that the current residents of the Harrisville, R.I. home where the events of James Wan's THE CONJURING apparently took place are being disturbed to no end by fans of the film who want to get a look at the abode.

“We haven’t slept in days,” Norma Sutcliffe told The Call. “Because we wake up at 2 in the morning there are people with flashlights in our yard. People call on the phone and ask “is this ‘The Conjuring’ house?”

While of course it seems like harmless curiosity on the part of horror hounds, Sutcliffe makes a good point regarding her worries that “all it takes is one crazy to do something. There are already threats on the Internet that ‘wouldn’t it be fun to break into that house?’ Our barn is very vulnerable and there is a big story connected to the barn about supposed hangings. Can you see kids breaking in and doing a séance with candles and having it burn down?”

Yeah, that would be bad.

Sutcliffe blames Warner Bros., the studio behind THE CONJURING; she claims they asked her and her husband to participate in interviews leading up to the release of the film (they declined) and then went on to publish pictures of the house, touting the "based on a true story" angle. It didn't take long for people to find the residence, and the visitations haven't stopped since.

Read the full article right HERE. In case you're wondering, Sutcliffe has seen THE CONJURING. Her reaction: “I just laughed at the whole thing. I thought it was so ironically ridiculous. I thought it was an insult to the Perrons.”

Take that, Warner Bros!

Extra Tidbit: Would you visit the house if you could?
Source: Woonsocket Call



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