Cool Horror Gear: Amazon's Zombie Apocalypse Supplies

This whole zombie craze may be getting a bit out of hand. Despite the feelings I professed for Zombie Truck yesterday, this latest bit of news is a bit harder for me to digest. I mean, are you supposed to laugh or just get creeped out when Amazon creates a gallery for Zombie Apocalypse supplies after Halloween?

Actually, the answer is neither. You're supposed to buy. They've got everything you've ever thought of for your zombie survival needs and some things you might have failed to consider. We're talking helmets (labeled "Brain Protection"), hunting accessories (gun cleaners, holsters, and other basic hunting/outdoorsman goods), ropes/cables, and fire resistant clothing... anything that could help you survive a George Romeo movie (besides high powered automatic weapons, of course). The gallery also throws in zombie books and movies (for research purposes, I'm assuming) for those of you just looking for fresh undead media.

You can check out a pic of the gallery below, or just click on through here and browse it yourself. However, if you look closely you can see the logo for CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II, a newish game for which we can assume this is all a publicity stunt (I don't see any RESIDENT EVIL 6 promos around the gallery, after all). It's all just a big ol' advertisement and there's no real reason for alarm, silly me. We can buy zombie supplies for laughs and all go back to living in fear of the threat of real-life disease epidemics. Thank God!

Extra Tidbit: I want a store dedicated to surviving a killer puppet uprising. Isn't it about time we all started jumping on that boat?
Source: The NextWeb



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