Cool Horror Gear: Awesome George A. Romero action figure from Retroband

Well, shit. This is pretty f*cking awesome. Thanks to Mondo and Retroband, we now have an action figure of George A. Romero! If you’re unfamiliar with Retroband, they excel in making limited edition, hand sculpted, hand cast and hand painted figures. They design their own card art and package the figures in San Antonio, TX. You can take a look at the figure below! The only bummer is that you'll have to be attending Texas Frightmare Weekend if you have any chance of snagging one of these figures.

We have a limited amount for sale and will be making them available on a first come, first served basis to ticket holders for the 7:35PM and 8:15PM DAWN OF THE DEAD screenings and will cost $100. We’ve very excited about this and hope that you are, too. See you this weekend!

Extra Tidbit: Any of you guys going to be lucky enough to pick one of these up?
Source: Mondo



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