Cool Horror Gear: Badass horror decor

Horror fans looking to do a little decorating might find Horror Decor's website very helpful as they've given us horror hounds an all new way to decorate the house. They make some truly badass hand made items including pillows, candles, lamp shades, bedding, clocks, and much more so you shouldn't have any troubles finding exactly what you're looking for.

What I want to turn your attention to however, are these wicked cool pot holders that quite possibly might be the coolest thing to ever be put in a kitchen. Who would have thought pot holders could be so badass? So the next time you burn the shit out of the cookies, you can at least take them out in style.

Below are a few of my favorites from the site but be sure to head over there and see for yourselves because there's all sorts of cool stuff. Just click HERE and have a look around!

Extra Tidbit: Got any cool horror decor in your room?
Source: Horror Decor



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