Cool Horror Gear: Beware the American Werewolf in London collection

Like many of you, I consider John Landis' AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON to be the greatest horror-comedy of all time. It never gets old for me. From the opening spooky sequences on the foggy moors or inside the candle-lit Slaughtered Lamb, the first act of AMERICAN WEREWOLF is pure gothic horror.

As for the rest... Well, that's when it becomes a whole new animal (pardon the pun).

Fright-Rags is paying tribute to the classic flick with a new collection of shirts and socks that I would gladly take as a gift any day of the week. Hell, when it comes to the first shirt I have posted below and those pimp socks at the bottom, I might have to shell out some of the change myself here.

The Fright-Rags collection consists of four shirts in all and one pair of above-mentioned pimp socks. All of which you can peep below. The art on the apparel is by artists Scarecrowoven, Okan BulBul, Chris Burns, and Abrar Ajmal. 

All items are in stock now and ready to ship. You can buy your own HERE,

Extra Tidbit: A naked American man stole my balloon.
Source: Fright-Rags



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