Cool Horror Gear: Cannibal Ferox vinyl coming from One Way Static Records

Umberto Lenzi's CANNIBAL FEROX aka 'MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY' (Original 1981 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Roberto Donati aka Budy Maglione) is now up for pre-order through One Way Static Records. The vinyl is packaged in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket with printed insert, and will go on sale April 28th.

Oddly enough, One Way is not revealing the cover art for the release. From their press release:

After receiving several threats we decided not to post or share the artworks for the limited unrated edition online or through our press channels. We also received phone calls from Tipper Gore’s people and the BBFC to let us know they will do everything in their power to have the record banned. Four North American printers refused to print the sleeve after protests from their employees, stating ‘never before have we seen such acts of savage brutality’."

This could just be some good old-fashioned showmanship on the company's part, but regardless of the reason, we don't have the artwork to share with you at the moment. (What you see below is not official.)

Included is the complete original 1981 soundtrack and four extra bonus tracks. You can hit up the company's official site for more info.

Source: One Way Static



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