Cool Horror Gear: Celebrate The Thing's 35 anniversary w/ new badass shirts

The is year marks the 35th anniversary of the John Carpenter classic THE THING, which was released back in June 25th, 1982. While we have to wait allll the way until June 25th to FULLY celebrate the brilliance of THE THING (bullsh*t, I do that every day) we have some cool THE THING 35th anniversary-related shite for you to own!

Turns out Fright Rags is releasing five new shirts based on THE THING, and they are all on sale now at Fright-Rags.com! Along with a host of other cool stuff like socks and sh*t. If that's your thing.

I guess I also need to point out that all of these products are limited in quantities, so you might as well get on this right now. Also, make sure to check back in on Fright Rags this coming Saturday, March 18th, for a new Midnight Madness Tee, which will only be available for 24 hours.

Check out all the awesome designs below!

Extra Tidbit: Those socks are pretty cool.



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