Cool Horror Gear: Custom Kenner horror toys and Walking Dead Mini-Mates

I consider myself lucky enough to be born on the cusp of the "horror action figure" craze. My childhood was defined by REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIENS, and PREDATOR toys while my teenage years were marked by Spawn and Movie Maniac action figures. Needless to say it's with a great sense of nostalgia I present to you these early-80s Kenner stylized custom horror and sci-fi figures.

These bad boys are currently available at Old Colony Hobbies. The store produces a wide variety of custom toys based on adult movies, including Travis Bickle from TAXI DRIVER, Deckard from BLADE RUNNER, Riggs & Murtaugh from LETHAL WEAPON, and an entire line DAWN OF THE DEAD survivors and zombies. Before you plan your spending spree, please take note that each toy is a little pricey, ranging $40 or more plus shipping.

Next, we have a new wave of Walking Dead Mini-Mates. I'm a little behind on the show (well, if a "little" means two seasons) so I'll let the ad copy and pics speak for themselves.

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2, based on the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, will arrive later this month from Diamond Select Toys, and we've got packaged pictures of the entire assortment! Andrea and her short-packed sister Amy (with zombies) will only be at comic shops and specialty stores, while Lori and Morgan (with zombies) will only be at Toys "R" Us and toysrus.com. Shared between both markets will be a two-pack of zombies and the sword-wielding Michonne (with zombie)! Each Minimate is 2 inches tall and comes with multiple interchangeable parts and accessories.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Old Colony Hobbies will start selling The Walking Dead Kenner toys?

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