Cool Horror Gear: Fright Night tee with Evil Ed!

Happy Friday the 13th! Cavity Colors has released a very cool tee-shirt for Tom Holland's 1985 vampire classic FRIGHT NIGHT, and it features the one and only Evil Ed looking terrifying as ever. If you like what you see here be sure to pick one of these tees up ASAP because they are limited to only 100 shirts and will never be reprinted!

Vampires just aren’t what they used to be. Now they’re covered in glitter and battle CGI werewolves with big muscles. But in the 1980′s, a certain vampire movie stood out from all the others, and that movie is FRIGHT NIGHT. And what might be one of the best vampire kid characters, “EVIL ED” goes from being a somewhat friendly wild child with a dark sense of humor, to a bloodthirsty vamp beast controlled by the dark lord himself.

Head over to Cavity Colors' official website for more info! Stay evil!

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Source: Cavity Colors



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