Cool Horror Gear: Have your mind blown by this Scanners tee

Cavity Colors has just revealed a new t-shirt designed after David Cronenberg's SCANNERS and it's appropriately called "MIND BLOWN" — you'll see why! Whether you pick this one up as a t-shirt or tank top, it'll cost you $26.00 and comes in a range of sizes that fit both men and women. It's a badass shirt capturing the all important exploding head scene in Cronenberg's 1981 classic. Juicy!

"This brand new shirt is called MIND BLOWN, and serves as a sort of snapshot of one of the best and nastiest head explosion scenes in a sci-fi / horror movie, and that movie is SCANNERS. Created by David Cronenberg, this sci / fi horror film is a classic, and this is our way of paying tribute to what might be the best head explosion scene captured in a movie ever!”

You can pick up your very own tee right HERE. Have a look!

Extra Tidbit: Will any of you guys be picking this one up?
Source: Cavity Colors



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