Cool Horror Gear: Limited edition Pumpkinhead poster by Alexander Iaccarino

Although the Demon of Vengeance called Pumpkinhead has been featured in four films, I've always felt that this awesome Stan Winston creation was a bit underrated - it had potential that its franchise didn't quite reach. I'm glad to see that the creature and its first film, fittingly titled PUMPKINHEAD, is being celebrated by Skuzzles this summer with the release of a new, officially licensed, limited edition screen print movie poster with artwork by Alexander Iaccarino.

This art captures Pumpkinhead in all its glory, with a couple memorable locations from the film also worked in and some really beautiful coloring and lighting.

It's a poster that would look great on the wall of any horror fan's home, but only 165 fans will get a chance to own it. When Skuzzles says it's a limited edition, they're not messing around. There are two versions of the poster - a dark brown regular edition, of which there are 115, and a metallic variant edition, of which only 50 have been made.

If you want to get your hands on one of these posters, be at www.skuzzles.com tomorrow, June 30th, at 1pm EST.

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Source: Skuzzles



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