Cool Horror Gear: Limited edition statue of Sil from Species!

The sexiest killer alien ever captured on film? Natasha Henstridge in SPECIES, hands down. (Although Scarlett Johansson is gunning for the title in UNDER THE SKIN.) That cheesy sci-fi horror show was elevated to another level of impact by Henstridge and her flawless physique, and now you can own a copy of it! If you don't mind the fact that she's just a bit smaller than in the film.

Hollywood Collectibles Group is releasing a 1:4 Scale Statue of Sil from SPECIES this month. (Though the exact date is unavailable.) The statue, which stands 19" tall, is made from polystone, and handpainted to the finest detail. The Species Sil 1:4 Scale Statue is a limited edition of 500 pieces and depicts Sil in mid-transformation between her sensuous human form and armor-plated alien form.

Bringing Sil home will cost you more than your life - right now she's listed as being $329.99 on Entertainment Earth. Hey, if you're especially lonely, that price may just be worth it.



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