Cool Horror Gear: Limited Freddy vs. Jason tee from Fright Rags

By now you guys should all know that Fright Rags is the go to place if you want kick ass horror tees. Fright Rags has just announced that their latest shirt will be a limited edition of FREDDY VS JASON to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary.

As per usual, the shirt design is very cool and plays on the fire vs water theme with Freddy kicking the shit out of Jason because lets be honest here, Freddy can't lose. Ever.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since Freddy VS Jason was released. It seems like only yesterday we watched Freddy’s claw grab Jason’s mask at the end of Jason Goes To Hell and got a nerd-on for the potential match up we’d been waiting years for. Even though we’d have to wait another decade for them to finally slug it out, it was worth it.

With that, we wanted to commemorate its 10th Anniversary with a special limited edition. However, instead of waiting until summer (it was released in August), we decided to coincide our release with the Freddy VS Jason reunion at this weekend’s MONSTER MANIA CONVENTION! We’ve printed up a small batch of these shirts and will have them available at our table all weekend (well, until they sell out…).

Wait, you can’t make it to the show? No problem…

You can still get in on the action, because on Tuesday, March 19 we’ll make this available for PRE-ORDER on the website. That way you will have a chance to grab it as a shirt, girl shit, or hoodie.

You can pre-order this beauty on their website right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: What do you guys think of Fright Rags' latest limited edition shirt?
Source: Fright Rags



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