Cool Horror Gear: Mezco makes Pinhead adorable with deluxe figure

There is a variety of opinions on HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH, which tends to be considered either "the last good HELLRAISER" or the entry where the franchise had its first dip in quality, but regardless of what people think about the movie itself I think many of us could agree that the new deluxe HELLRAISER III Pinhead figure Mezco Toyz has created is totally adorable.

The company's official announcement of the figure: 

The Lament Configuration has been solved and Pinhead has been summoned! The leader of the Cenobites ascends into our realm as an all new deluxe styled figure, in our signature super-deformed style.

Pinhead features his trademark pins in his head, crafted of real metal. Pinhead has eight points of articulation for an extra dimension of posability, making him one of our most articulated figures in this format.

Pinhead comes with two sets of arms and two interchangeable sets of hands (four hands total) enabling for a multitude of poses and play options. He's accessorized with the Lament Configuration (his infamous puzzle cube) and the unholy instruments of torture, which can either dangle from his corded waist or be held in his hands.

Deluxe Pinhead comes in a specially die-cut window box suitable for display in your collection of depraved treasures.

Deluxe Pinhead is expected to start shipping out sometime in the range of May to July of 2017. Buying the figure will set you back $29.

I don't have much in the way of HELLRAISER collectibles, but this figure sure would look cool standing on my desk.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying this figure?
Source: DailyDead



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