Cool Horror Gear: Mezco Toyz announces new Chucky doll

Fans of CHILD'S PLAY will be pumped to know that Mezco Toyz has just announced a new 15 inch Mega Scale Chucky doll and it looks pretty ridiculous. They've designed a fantastic replica of the horror icon and spent countless hours going through reference material; from photos, to stills from the film and even other surviving Chucky dolls.

The new doll is ostensibly a screen accurate prop replica. This bad boy stands at 15 inches and features real cloth clothing, 11 points of articulation and of course the trademark orange hair. He also features realistic glass-like eyes, and a knife that ties it all together. It's pretty cool how much attention to detail Mezco put into this little guy and any fan of the film would surely be proud to own him.

Click HERE if you'd like to learn more and pick this guy up for yourself!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be putting this bad boy on your shelf?
Source: Mezco Toyz



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