Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's Laurent Durieux Universal Monster poster sale

Like many of you, I'm a poster junkie. Of course, as a horror fan, I'm also big on the Universal Monsters. And, like many of you, I'm cheap as hell. When it comes to the subject of Mondo's Universal Monster posters, these traits combine to form a perfect contradictory storm of yearning and frugality that makes my soul cave in on itself like a dying star.

Thankfully, Mondo is cutting us cheap collectors some slack today with a special offer: each of their limited edition Laurent Duriex Universal Monster posters will be for sale through the company for a mere $50 each. If you grab the whole set for $250, you would still be getting them for way less than half their current secondary market prices.

The only catch is-- the sale starts THIS AFTERNOON, when announced via Twitter (@MondoNews) at a random time. Of course, numbers are limited (some as low as 350), so watch their feed like a hawk and decide which posters you want to pounce on below.

Extra Tidbit: Your favorite of the bunch? I'm leaning toward THE WOLFMAN, but CREATURE is also amazing.
Source: ColliderTwitter



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